Sunday, April 6, 2014

Too lazy to make cookies for Santa.

Let's see two days ago, what did I give? I think I offered to help Santa Claus clean his house. I met Santa a few months ago when he was outside on the sidewalk, just waving at cars as they passed by. He's hilarious. I'd say early to mid 70's, funny as hell, and if you meet him, he will probably tell you of his traumatic brain injury. He volunteers his time during the holiday season to raise money for charity, by dressing as Santa. He did happen to fall some time ago, I think about 60 feet downward, but don't ask me how, my memory is bad. He still gets around, but a little bit slower and less agile than before. So, he needs someone to help around the north pole a little bit. I can't say that I was disappointed that he let off the hook easy this time, as he wanted to wait a few days before I cleaned. I still counted it. I had made myself available.
 The next day, I offered to drive two of my drunk friends home. I'm not sure I can count that. But I am. and let's see, yesterday...I'm not sure I accomplished anything at all. I'm not perfect.
 Today, however, I have been reading and re-reading the craigslist wanted ads and I also reading yahoo's freecycle, to see if there was anything that I had, that I could give away. I have this exercise ball, that two people actually are requesting on freecycle, but I am not yet ready to part with it. I looked at the craigslist volunteer section, tried to think of an old person to visit (but all my favorites are dead), and checked my facebook wall to see if anyone had posted a need for help, nothing. I did see the person I offered to help the other day, complaining about not having help or something, and I may have snarled. They are denying me of my right to help and making me work to come up with some other idea, and I sure as heck am not offering again. That's how sweet I am.
 So that being said, I came up with the genius idea to post an ad on craigslist, under services offered. Even though I have yet to help someone, I am counting that as my deed for the day, because I think there is an importance of just making yourself available, and as I was too lazy to make cookies for Santa.
Here is the post:
 "Do you have trouble asking for help? I am doing a project where I try to help someone out every single day! I am not looking to get paid. If I can assist you I will. Please keep it clean. No task too simple, I don't have big muscles or a truck, but willing to help however I can. Thanks so much!"
Let's hope for less creepers and lots of cute little old people to help (as I am sure they are all browsing Craigslist). Cheers!

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