Monday, April 7, 2014

It takes a lot for me to call my friends.

 I went from lonely, sad and feeling sorry for myself to completely fulfilled and ecstatic in one minute. Of course the excitement is fleeting, but that one moment where you get that high, is amazing.
 I got home from mailing a letter, intended to be my "giving" of the day, opened my email, and there it was. It was the first response to my craigslist post. A woman wrote that she needed a free place to eat lunch. She also needed mens clothing for someone who will soon be getting out of jail. She left her phone number and asked that I call.
 I actually contemplated not calling and only responding by email. It takes a lot for me to call my friends, let alone, a complete stranger who is now relying on me. But, I picked up the phone and called her. Relief came when there was no answer and I could just leave a voicemail. I then sent an email with the information I had and asked for pant and shoe sizes. phone rang. I wasn't off the hook after all. She was the nicest lady and you know, it was kind of nice to talk to someone. We even laughed.
 While I didn't catch her in time to direct her to a free lunch, as she was just passing through town, it still made me feel alive at the thought of helping someone. Plus! I got a dose of human interaction! For a minute, I wasn't alone anymore. I got the pant and shoe sizes and posted the need on Facebook. I figure we're all in this together, not everyone has money or time to give, but! we can give what we have!


  1. i really want to know what this craigslist ad said but I can't find your blog via search. which one is it?/

  2. Thanks for asking! Here is the blog site: and this is how the craigslist ad read: Do you have trouble asking for help? I am doing a project where I try to help someone out every single day! I am not looking to get paid. If I can assist you I will. Please keep it clean. No task too simple, I don't have big muscles or a truck, but willing to help however I can.
    Thanks so much!

    Thanks for reading!