Sunday, April 27, 2014

It's overwhelming how many people were touched by my generosity this week.

It’s hard to write when I feel like I have given nothing spectacular this week. There were no big moments where the world stopped, and tears of gratitude flowed from someone’s eyes, for everything that I had done for them. I really thought that there would be more moments like this when I decided to give daily, but …I apparently I am no superhero. I am only doing what I should’ve been doing without having to think about it. But…some of us are a little more challenged.
 So let’s see, here are the non-tear producing, unspectacular acts of the week: Monday, I offered to share my bananas. (They were organic, does that count as more?) Tuesday I was at the hardware store and offered to take a cart in for a gentleman. (Gentleman is relative, I’m not sure if he really was one or not, as he did not offer to take me to dinner for taking in his cart). On Wednesday, I half volunteered, half guilted myself into taking a less beneficial shift at work, so that a co-worker didn’t have to. (She also bribed me with twenty dollars, so I’m not quite sure that I can count this, but I am.) Thursday I gave to a traveling band and offered my nice hardwood floors for them to sleep on (They opted for actual beds). I also gave cherry juice to Santa Claus next door for his arthritis. Friday I again offered my home to travelers who were passing through (they did not show up). And Saturday I gave a bottle of champagne to the hosts of a party (and then drank their wine).
 It’s overwhelming how many people were touched by my generosity this week. (sarcasm) I guess I have to remember that just making myself available to others is what matters. It’s not about money, or giving “things” really, it is about being willing to ‘give what I have’ without question or hesitation.

Lesson: Santa Claus has arthritis.

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