Monday, April 7, 2014

suitcase full of peanuts

In response to the Facebook post, my friend Adam, gave a whole suitcase of clothes and shoes for the man (including the suitcase) mentioned in the previous post. Adam didn't ask for the back story, though it came out of my mouth anyway, that these clothes would go to a man soon to be released from jail. Was that necessary? Is it irrelevant? Is it even true? I also say that the only clothes he will come out with are the clothes he went in with, that makes it sound more dramatic. I haven't opened the suitcase. I suppose I may never, it's really none of my business, it is a gift from Adam. It's possible it's just full of peanuts anyway.
 I drive home from picking up the suitcase full of secret goodies, and I see a younger girl, twenty two maybe, with two large bags, who has just seated herself on the ground, in the middle of the sidewalk. I turn onto my street, roll my window down, and ask if she needs anything, or if she is just resting there. She says yes, I do need something, I was just about to call a cab. I offer a ride. She accepts. We make awkward small talk. She apologizes for having me drive ten whole minutes to drop her off somewhere. I have no place I need to be, I reply. I drop her off. I drive to a parking lot to watch the sunset and cry.
 Cry because being able to offer what I have is awesome. Cry because I have nothing to go home to and why do I have to be so lonely. Cry because I am so lucky to be able to give. Cry because I wonder what my parents would think of me if they knew how wonderful I was.

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  1. It sounds like there are lots of people in need where you live! I hope this project helps you become less lonely.