Friday, March 28, 2014

there goes the old lady who picks up trash cans

 Ever tried to give something away every day for a year and run out of ideas on Yesterday the only thing I could think to give was picking up a wind blown trash can out of the street and placing it back on the curb. But on a windy day, as it were, am I supposed to pick them ALL up? "There goes the old lady who picks up trash cans" they will say when I'm eighty. Somehow, it doesn't seem enough.
 Today was even worse. I woke up asking myself, what can I give today? and am going to bed wondering what I gave? Albeit small, almost to the point where I could not count it, yet significant enough I feel I should share, today, I gave the gift of taking off my headphones (earbuds, whatever you want to call them) while walking home.
 Now, I know if I do this, then other people do to, for there is nothing new under the sun. Sometimes, I will wear my headphones while walking, without anything playing in them, it is an 'I am not available to be bothered' silent statement. For if I don't want to be approached, I don't want you to ask me anything and I most certainly don't want to have an actual conversation with you, then my headphones stay on. Today! however, my generous gift to the world was taking off my headphones and placing them out of sight. Now, I am not really so arrogant as to believe that this was a gift to the world, however, I do believe that it was me saying, I am available if you need me. So while I may not have given anything concrete per se, as I did not come across anyone in dire need of my wisdom, I did give what I had, a willingness to listen.

Lesson: a windy day blows over many trash cans.

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